The biological stains are mostly the dyestuffs which have been discovered several decades ago. Many of these dyestuffs are not commercially used on a large scale and thus practically obsolete. Many dyestuffs are difficult to manufacture as their intermediate products are scarcely available.

With thisĀ  view in mind Nishita Technociates has mission of manufacturing a range of Biological Stains which are not used commercially and thus not easily available. If necessary, Nishita Technociates also manufacture the dye intermediates to facilitate the production of such dyes.

At present we manufacture and make available under one roof a range of such Biological Stains which are scarcely available. Our R&D is actively working on several more Biological Stains and we would very soon add these stains to our product list.


Nishita Technociates is engaged in the manufacture of Biological stains using the best know how used hitherto.
Most of our products are superior in quality to the ones available in marketplace till date.

We employ the testing methods which are being used by the Biological Stain Commission and ensue that the product is certifiable by BSC.
If the requirement of the product is in bulk we can get the batch duly certified by BSC.