Nishita Technociates was formed in 1985 by Dr. Lalit R. Raghani (M.Sc;  Ph.D) who is having more than 30 years of  experience  in the field of dyestuffs. The Company has a team of experienced chemists to look after R & D; process and quality control. Nishita technociates started with the manufacture of various solvent dyes used mainly in ball point ink industry. We catered to the requirement of almost all the ink manufacturers in India and abroad. We enjoy the reputation of being most quality conscious supplier of these dyes. In the beginning of this century, we commenced the production of biological stains.

IMG_20150228_174953Dr. Lalit R. Raghani


Microscopic Stains are used for distinguishing visually between different cellular and tissue components in animal and plant material. Optical differentiation of this type is essential for the detection and accurate identification of cellular and tissue elements. Microscopic stains are most widely used in histology, cytology and microbiology.

A microscopic stain is a colored   compound that is capable of binding to a substrate .Depending on the number of stains used a distinction can be made between simple and multiple staining. Multiple staining is divided in turn into successive or simultaneous staining, depending on the manner in which the stains are applied


The company is situated at M.I.D.C (Maharashtra industrial development corporation) Tarapur, which is a large industrial town having over 1200 industries. M.I.D.C. Tarapur,   is  very well developed having all the facilities like abundant water, uninterrupted power, common effluent treatment plant, availability of trained personnel etc.
Tarapur is only 100 kms away from Bombay which is having dock as well as  large chemical market.